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The Grand Wailea of the Desert,

Our client had visited the Grand Wailea Resort in Maui numerous times over the past years and was absolutely enthralled with it.  This is from which the basis of the design stemmed as we were requested to create a similar paradise within their backyard.  From the experience of peacefully floating down the river past the palm trees and fragrant lush plant materials, to passing through the rapids and turbulent waters as you make it by the roaring of the large boulder water features, they all add to the already impressive views of the fire features, gushing rock slide, spillways off the swim-thru grotto and island within the river itself.   

As the river meanders throughout the property, you can traverse the waters course over bridges constructed of steel , wood and marine ropes, utilize the rope swing for hours of enjoyment or just sit around enjoying the scenery as you watch the kids play volleyball or basketball in the ‘sport zone’ off-shoot from the river.  Keeping the essence of nature’s beauty was critical when designing the finishes, as well as taking into consideration the forces of NATURE, WHICH had to be recreated in order to make mother-nature come to life. 


The Waldorf Grand Wailea Resort in Maui, Hawaii was the key inspiration to this Paradise Valley Lazy River

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